It’s all about the kids!


The Redwood City Child Development Program, an early learning center primarily serving low income families, will:
Provide a comprehensive education program helping children’s successful integration and participation in their families, schools and communities.

  • Provide a safe, healthy, child-centered learning environment based on the developmental needs of children.
  • Focus on the emotional, social, cognitive, and physical needs of every child as an individual and as a member of the community.
  • Encourage families and the community to take an active role in their children’s learning and development.


We provide a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment that contributes to the development of children, helping to meet their emotional, social, cognitive, and physical needs. Our commitment is to guide and encourage each child’s individual potential and support the involvement of families.

Parent Involvement 

The RCCDP offers parent workshops and informational meetings on a regular basis throughout the year. We conduct annual surveys in order to determine which topics are of most interest to our parents. Our program has a Parent Advisory Council (PAC) which consists of a group of parents who come together monthly to provide support and advice to one another and to the program. The PAC organizes several social events and fundraisers throughout the year.

Social Services

Our staff supports parents with referrals to community agencies for child care, family counseling, immigration, food programs, housing, employment, and job training.

Our Children’s Stories

Laura’s Story

Laura’s single father has sole custody of Laura.  Laura needed a safe and nurturing environment to be in while her father worked to support the family. Since enrolling in the RCCDP, the staff has seen a significant increase in Laura’s language abilities and her self-confidence. Laura is now fully bilingual and is a leader during circle time when the children are working on our Zoo-phonics program. In addition, staff has supported the family with much needed clothing and personal care. Laura will be off to kindergarten soon. She is very excited to start Kindergarten and her teachers know that she is well prepared.


Isabel’s Story

Isabel is a bright young girl who has been attending the RCCDP since she was two. Isabel’s mother recently fell upon financial hard times and was unable to keep up with Isabel’s required monthly tuition payments to the RCCDP. Recognizing the dire situation of the family, and the need for Isabel to finish the school year in preparation for Kindergarten, the RCCDP provided Isabel with a scholarship to enable her to complete the end of her time at our preschool.  She shines like a star. She is able to identify advanced mathematical shapes and spell out not only her first but last name as well!

Ricardo’s Story

Ricardo has been in our program since he was 14 months old. When Ricardo was 2 years old, his language skills were identified as lagging behind the normal range for his age group. At age 3, Ricardo had not made any significant progress in his language skills prompting the RCCDP staff to work with Ricardo’s mother and the Redwood City School District to obtain speech and language screening for Ricardo. As a result, Ricardo received free speech and language therapy for one year to prepare him for Kindergarten.  His language skills in both English and Spanish improved significantly and Ricardo says that he is ready to start Kindergarten.

Lucy’s Story

Lucy has attended the center since she was 18 months old. When Lucy was 3 years old, her family went through a difficult time. Lucy began to struggle in class and withdraw from her friends and teachers. The RCCDP helped Lucy’s mother connect with the services of our neighbor, the Fair Oaks Community Center, to help stabilize the family and meet their basic needs. A year later, Lucy is flourishing in her Pre K classroom.  She has mastered our Zoo Phonics reading program and is doing very well in her Kindergarten Readiness group.  She is an outgoing almost 5 year old who is excited to start Kindergarten!  Because of RCCDP’s unique shared location and relationship with the Fair Oaks Community Center, we can work together to help children and their families meet today’s challenges.

Margaret’s Story

Margaret has 5 children, and all 5 have attended the RCCDP. The youngest child is now in preschool at RCCDP, and the oldest is a freshman in high school. All 5 children have thrived as the familiar long time staff have taught and prepared each child for the grade school years ahead.  Margaret, a single mother, has held down a full time job and has attended evening classes for the last 6 years. Knowing that all of her children were safe, cared for, and learning at the RCCDP has allowed Margaret to continue to work and go to school through all this time. Today Margaret has achieved a supervisory role at work and is continuing to work towards her Bachelor’s degree.